Have you ever done anything that has gone against you conscience? You just get that icky feeling inside.

Leading up to the guilt, you may or may not be aware of it just yet. Other times you feel it right as you are in the situation.

There will be times when you will face this, but how you take the guilt and transform it into something constructive can you really get over the feeling. Unfortunately, the actions that lead to guilt end up being regrets that you carry with you. Do not let guilt eat you up. There will always be good and bad times.

If there is one thing that stinks about guilt is the fact that you may lose some people in your life be it lifelong friends or a budding friendship.

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Who does this person mean to you?

Why are you acting a certain way?

Almost every circumstance means something to us, however  not all of these meanings are apparent to us right away. We sometimes find ourselves reflecting on our decisions to see how it has impacted us.

How does this contribute to who we are?

What are we trying to run away from? What are we to become?

All of the answers are there yet we only see a portion of them at a time.

The significance of events is determined by our own morals and values. We adapt how we want and perceive things the way we understand or want to comprehend the situation.

Author’s note: Incomplete but these are my thoughts at the moment expect an update at a later date.


For so long I feel like I have been living each day as its own. Recently, I have added on living paycheck to paycheck. At some point in our lives, we realize that how we are living is not the way we should be.

Some of these realizations are obstacles, tests that will test us. Some will result in defeat, but through the defeat lessons are learned.

One needs to consider having something and not need it, than not having something but need it.

Nowadays this comes along the lines of one’s finance, goals in life, unforeseen events.

Some things one can do to have a plan is stock up on food and water, having a tool kit/emergency kit in their cars, saving enough money to last 3 months or more. For other tips on preparation one can always google.

Planning is just like learning history. WE LEARN HISTORY IN HOPES OF NOT REPEATING IT.

By learning other people’s experiences, we hope to avoid getting in these situations ourselves.

Though having a plan is a good thing, do not forget to give yourself breaks. Everyone has a load they can handle and proper care is essential in moving forward.

Blank Slate

At one point in time you may have heard about tabula rasa or blank slate.

You have probably wished for a fresh start be it the shift from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, or even high school to college. Maybe even if you move from place to place.

One has to realize that the blank slate is all a matter of perspective. Whether you change or not, you still have your past.

It is not impossible to have a blank slate, but when one craves for the fresh start they are still hanging onto the baggage from their “previous” version of themselves.

As appealing as blank slate’s are, one should not rely on them too often or there could be repercussions for wanting to redo everytime.


Usually when you think of transitioning you think of transferring from one state to another. We usually define the period with some key components sometimes forgetting about the individual parts that get us there.

Have you ever considered people as being those who help you transition? Probably.

Some contexts fair better than others dependent on perspective.

What if you are the person assisting, what are you left with?

Feeling used, betrayed, alone…anger…

Then peace…

What is left but acceptance? Sometimes people need certain experiences to help them move forward. It happens to everyone. What is in the past is in the past. There is no point in dwelling on it for too long. Appreciate the fact that you were able to leave an impact on someone. Though it may not all be good, there is something to pull from it.





Being preoccupied is one thing, but having a set routine can lead to a lack of intensity and motivation. Sometimes you just continue moving forward, but where does it leave you.

You are stuck. Yes you may feel like you are doing things, but is it propelling you forward or is it actually just what is convenient for the time?

Feeling like this is not bad but it will not benefit you in the long run. It is common for us to get used to how things are, but we will eventually be faced with the fact that the current routine will not be the standard any longer.

From here we figure out which steps we need to take to get to the next level. No one said that there is only one concrete path you have to take to get there. Experiment with things, open up your time to new things and another door will open.

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You might have heard the phrase, “make your weaknesses your strengths, and your strengths stronger.” Then you have probably wondered what a strength is.

The first thing that probably pops in your head is physical strength. However, the physical battle is not the majority of the battle. The rest of the battle is your mind.

Strength could just be continuing to fight even when you want to give up. Being able to overcome your own self-perceived limits is the beginning. Though it may not be the most noticeable trait, strength will get you through the most emotional of times and whatever else you will encounter.


Moving On

No one said that moving on was going to be easy.

No matter what situation that got you to this point, moving on will hurt. The time it takes for you to feel this depends on one’s perspective of the relationship. Some will take it as a wake up call while others could be waiting to come back. Either way, the realization will reveal itself. Be it through time, finding out about a new significant other, or however you find out.

Even when you move on things will never be the same. A part of you will always remember. You cannot fight it for emotions could fade but memories never.

The steps you take in this period is what makes you stronger. Some would like to take off the weight entirely but sometimes you have to keep some of the weight on you as a reminder of what you are working towards.

Some people stay busy, resort to drugs, hang out with their friends, find themselves in music, work out, or find out more about themselves. Whatever path you take, let it be yours.

The hardest thing would have to be dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that is waiting for you be it rage, sorrow, content. Everyone has a different rollercoaster but it is still a rollercoaster there will be constants in everyone’s phase. The best way to move on is through dodging the issue will not help you move forward.

Yes the person you are moving on from may seem to be the one or could have been the one but dwelling on it will not do you any good. What is done is done. If there is something to happen it will happen but there is no point in waiting for it. The future is not set in stone and it will be a mystery but you just have to have faith in moving forward.

Losing Something

You are all probably familiar with the term “you don’t know what you have lost until you lost it.”

Well there may be that point in life that you make a decision that you are firm with. As much as I want to say stay true to what you set yourself to, you may look back realizing you could done something another way. The world is not going to allow you to go back in time. We all must face the consequences that come with our actions.

What if you feel like you are stuck? What if you want to go back? Well that is all it is, what ifs. The more we get caught up with these thoughts the more we actually get stuck.

All you can do is reassess the situation and accommodate the lesson into the next thing you do. It may not be all sunny and rainbows, but you just have to push through. There may not be a second time but you got to make the most of the time you got.

All Of Me

For my entire life I feel like I have not lived the way I wanted to. I have had slivers of moments when I knew that what I was doing was something I loved, something that I wanted to continue to do, things that I felt that I need in my life.

Living like this will never allow me to fully grasp who I am.

MY LIFE needs ALL OF ME not part of me, none of me, almost there me, BUT ALL ME. Though it may take some more time, finding me and knowing me is where I am will be a time I will truly cherish through good, the bad, the ugly, the highest and lowest of times.

Hopefully we may all get to that point in our lives. Through our busy schedules we must find this time to gather ourselves. Sure other people may know who you are but only you can change you, decide what matters to you, and know what will you do.

One thing for sure is this process cant be half-asssed or almost be complete. ONLY WHEN WE ARE COMPLETE CAN WE REALLY BE SUCCESSFUL.